Grubatec AG

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GRUBATEC AG was founded in 1975 and is specialized in agencies of major European manufacturers of measurement and control technology.

GRUBATEC AG has 30 years of experience in import and distribution of a broad spectrum of high quality and technologically innovative measurement and control devices, among them also process monitoring equipment for operational supervision of specific production steps.

iconProduct Range iconPress release Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor induQ
iconCompany Profile iconPress release Ultrasonic Flow Sensors soniQ
iconSIKA Produkte iconPress release Vortex Flow Sensor
iconDatasheet Photometer iconDatasheet Vortex
iconOptical Measurement iconProduct Range Analytics
iconQuestionnaire Flow Measurement

Grubatec AG - SIKA Vertretung - Durchflussmessung
Flow Measuring

Grubatec AG - SIKA Vertretung - Temperaturmessung
Temperature Measuring
Grubatec AG Sike Durchflussüberwachung
Flow Monitoring

Grubatec AG - SIKA Vertretung - Niveaumessung
Level Monitoring

Grubatec AG - SIKA Vertretung - Temperaturmessung
Pressure Measuring

Grubatec AG Arthur Grillo Pier Electronic Photometer

Grubatec AG - Humimeter Feuchtemessung
Humidity Measuring

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