Humimeter moisture meters have already been successfully used for the following foods: Maize, rye, triticale, wheat, spelt, barley, oats, rape, pumpkin seeds, peas, soybeans, beetle beans, horse beans, sunflower seeds, unpeeled rice, rice peeled and brown rice, poppy, amaranth, Linseed, sorghum, peeled green coffee and unpeeled green coffee, roasted coffee and ground roasted coffee, cocoa beans, linseed, jatropha, buckwheat, sesame, millet, hops, lucerne bales, silo bales.

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The whole grain measurement of humimeter moisture meters is much more advantageous than other measuring methods!

For the FS instrument series, for example, compared to other measuring methods, only a small sample quantity is required to determine the moisture precisely. The results become more representative when using unprocessed sample quantities, and thus offer more certainty for the accuracy of the measured value.

Because the sample material does not have to be grounded or crushed, no distortions of measured values due to heat, foreign bodies, etc. can occur, and additionally there is no need for a one step process.

Another advantage for you: The handling of humimeter moisture meters is very easy!

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