Climatic Measuring and Control Technology

Grillo specializes in the production of instruments for low pressure measurements. A comprehensive range of sensors and transducers can be supplied for this: indicators, contact devices, sensors, transducers and controllers.

The product range includes many innovative devices with enhanced measuring technology. Wherever you wish to gather data, you can ensure a robust and precise instrument with a high life expectancy.

Grillo has many years of know-how experience and great experience with equipment and accessories for measuring temperature, humidity, flow rate, measured value monitoring, quantity and heat quantity measurement for water, gas and steam.

In the field of industrial temperature and humidity measurement, we offer complete systems for flow measurement.

Further specific instruments are our Messample Flora climate monitoring in greenhouses and the CO2 Monitor CMS for monitoring indoor air quality.

We offer you a special production according to your individual needs. Ask for a consultation!

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