humimeter FS1



The humimeter FS1 is notably regarded as an efficient and precise moisture analyzer for determining the water content of barley. Its performance also proves this humimeter applicable for many other types of grain. With its handiness, it is particularly suitable for measurements directly on the field.


The measured values ​​can be “frozen” on the display with a holding function until the next keystroke.

The measurement is carried out in a hectoliter-compensated manner, thus increasing the measuring accuracy and reproducibility of the wholegrain cereal moisture analyzer. For this purpose, an exact sample weight of the sample is required. A scale and a measuring cup is therefore supplied with the grain moisture meter. Different bulk densities thus have no negative influence on the measurements. The entire grain moisture meter series was calibrated and tested using the EN-ISO 712 calibration method.

The sample temperature is also measured, displayed and included in the moisture calculation. The temperature range is from 0 ° C to 40 ° C.

The wholegrain moisture analyzer humimeter FS1 has a calibrated measuring range of 5% to 30% water content (depending on the type).


Handling and Measurement

After the humimeter FS1 grain moisture analyzer has been switched on, calibration is carried out automatically. This ensures precise measurement values ​​in the long term. The appropriate calibration curve is selected on the FS1 for the cereal variety to be measured.

The measuring chamber of the grain moisture analyzer is then filled with the indicated quantity of whole grain with the respective grain type. A scale and a measuring cup make it possible to determine the exact grain quantity. These are part of the humimeter moisture analyzer.

The water content can be read immediately on the large, illuminated display.


In short, the keywords:

– No time-consuming preparation of the sample is necessary

– Non-destructive measuring methods, whole-grain measuring instrument

– Excellent as a barley moisture meter

Device Resolution Calibrate accuracy Measuring range Customer calibrations Sample weight Scale Temperature measurement Data storage PC Software + Onlinefunctionality
FS1.1 0,1% 0,9% 5 – 25% 60g X X
FS1 0,1% 0,7% 5 – 30% 60g X X
FS2 0,1% 0,4% 5 – 40% 300g X X X
FS3 0,1% 0,4% 0 – 40% 300g X X X optional
FS4 0,1% 0,4% 0 – 50% X 300g X X X X
FL1 0,5% 1,0% 8 – 40% X
FL2 0,1% 0,8% 8 – 60% X X X X
BLO Sensor Getreide 0,1% 1,0% 5 – 30% X X X

Whole grain meter with low sample volume and sample temperature measurment. For field test and for use in farming.

Grain moisture meter for maize, rye, Triticale, wheat, barley, oats, rape, soybeans, horse beans, sunflower seeds, sorghum millet and millet, mustard seeds, buckwheat, peeled and unpeeled rice, further species on request

Large, well-lit LC display, automatic temperature compensation, robust housing


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  • Messbereich 5% bis 30% Wassergehalt (sortenabhängig)
  • Auflösung 0,1% Wassergehalt
  • Kalibriergenauigkeit +/- 0,7%
  • Probentemperaturmessung
  • Temperatur ist wahlweise auf °C und °F umschaltbar
  • Hold Funktion
  • Automatische Temperaturkompensation
  • Grossflächig beleuchtete LC-Anzeige
  • Sekundenschnelles Messergebnis ohne Probenvorbereitung
  • Robustes Gehäuse
  • Im Lieferumfang enthalten: humimeter FS1, Batterien, Digitalwaage, Messbecher und Kunststoffkoffer
Your benefits
  • Ganzkornmesser, benötigt nur geringe Probenmenge
  • Für viele Getreidearten, besonders geeignet für Gerste
  • Keine Probenvorbereitung nötig
  • Verringert die Trocknungskosten
  • Exaktes Messen schützt vor Schimmelbildung und deren Folgenschäden
  • Menüsprache in Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Russisch und viele weitere auf Anfrage

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