humimeter FS4.2 Universal material moisture meter with customer-calibration function



The humimeter FS4.2 universal device for material moisture for the determination of moisture in granules and powder with defined sample volumes and sample temperature measurement is a proven, versatile measuring device.

It can also be calibrated by the customer according to the application.



The humimeter FS4.2 Universal Material Moisture Meter is used to determine moisture in granules and powder with defined sample quantities. It can be calibrated by the user of the application.

Product request
  • Resolution 0.1%
  • Hectoliters Compensates
  • Sample temperature measurement
  • Temperature at the material moisture meter can be switched between ° C and ° F
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • A second-quick result
  • Hold function, manual data memory for 10,000 values ​​with location description
  • Suppliers memory management
  • Customer calibration function
  • Integrated online function
  • Robust, rust-free housing
  • Digital scale, case, measuring cup, humimeter USB data interface module with LogMemorizer Measurement data acquisition and evaluation software on CD including USB cable for PC and batteries
  • Optional: printer, ISO test equipment monitoring, laboratory order
Your benefits
  • Very accurate measurement of moisture in granules and powder by temperature and bulk density compensated measurement method
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Online function for data transfer to the PC
  • Integrated memory and printer port
  • Menu guide in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian

Extended Accessories

Art.Nr Photo Extended Accessories

Factory calibration certificate Protocol documenting the adjustment at delivery for material moisture meters


Thermo printer runs by battery, industrial model, portable


ISO measuring device check


Laboratory analysis testing for new material of our FS_3 or humimeter devices


Bluetooth data communication module for all humimeter devices


Power supply unit for continuous operation of the scale

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