Venturi EVR2000



In the latest development, we combine a specially designed stainless steel tube, in the form of a classic Venturi tube, with our DA2000 pressure gauge.

This enables a trouble-free flow measurement and increases the application possibilities of the Venturi principle.


In addition to the measurement of liquids and gases, we enable the monitoring of air-born “objects / particles” such as fibers, polymers, pulps and the like. In this way, a production chain is continuously monitored at various points and the power efficiency is maintained constant. The special design of the EVR2000 ensures optimal flow and freeing of the measuring point.

Convinced of that, we promise a very high failure-free service life.


To increase the long-term stability of the EVR2000 can optionally be equipped with a compressed air supply.

This supplement prevents one hundred percent that the measuring points are closed by the smallest particles. The measuring points are blown out at regular intervals.


Of course, the device is manufactured according to customer requirements as required, whereby nominal diameters and lengths can be determined individually.


Conventional applications:

  • Air conditioning and ventilation technology
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Oil production and refining
  • Gas processing and transportation
  • Sewage treatment plants – water treatment and distribution


Adapted application – Flow measurement in transport tubes during production, for example:

  • Textile Processing
  • Household production
  • Hygiene and health products production

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