Venturi nozzle MVR/FVR



The venturi nozzle MVR / FVR is a primary element for volume measurement in pipelines.

The principle of the Venturi tube allows measurements with all media. The venturi described here is specially designed for air flow measurements in ventilation ducts.

Installation in the system must be made via push-in joints with appropriate lip seals. A version with flanged connection is also available.

The Venturi tube is a one-piece, injection-molded housing made of PP. High accuracy of fit and optimum centering through double-sided sleeves or flange connection is guaranteed.

The Venturi nozzle is manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 5167 with inlet profile according to ISA 1932.

The favorable and favorable flow pattern for the measurement is achieved by the special deformation process of the thermoplastic material. It allows both a precise fit and extremely smooth surfaces for the ideal flow behavior without costly reworking.

The pressure draws have 4-5 individual holes in the cylindrical neck section, which open into an annular chamber.

For further evaluation, indicators (DA 2000) with a scale in m³ / h or transmitter (DS 200) for remote transmission of the measuring signal are available. The exact design of the indicators or transducers depends on the design data, these must be clarified in advance.

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