Heat meter WR200-F for liquid



The heat meter WR 200-F  for liquid is used to record the heat energy in closed heating or cooling systems with a liquid heat transfer medium.


The instantaneous flow rate and the instantaneous heat output are integrated over time and summed up on two counters. For counting over an adjustable period, there are two additional resettable counters in connection with a clock with automatic calendar.


All measured and counted values ​​are displayed on a lit four-line LCD display with its physical unit.

As a heat carrier water but other liquids (water-glycol mixtures, heat transfer oil) can be used. The thermal coefficients of water are stored in the device for a temperature range of 0 … 250 ° C.


The heat meter is designed to connect any flow meter with analogue output. Two Pt100 inputs in four-wire circuit are available for temperature measurement.

For external recordings, the device supplies four analog output signals 0/4 … 20 mA as well as two pulse outputs to which an M-Bus module can be connected.

All components are housed in a profile housing for locking rail mounting with external plug-in terminals. Accessories for panel mounting as well as a plastic housing for wall mounting are also available.

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