Reflexion Photometer

  • Reflexion Photometer

The reflection photometers from Pier-Electronic are used in various industrial areas for quality control.

Typical applications are for example:

  • Moisture measurement of sand, grain, wood, polymers etc.


  • Concentration measurement of certain minerals in crude salt


  • Thickness measurement of coatings and films


  • Whiteness determination in sugar


The raw data of the measurement is transmitted to an evaluation device, where it is converted into the desired values. As moisture, concentration or thickness.



The photometers from Pier-Electronic work without affecting the material to be measured. The measurement result is available in fractions of a second, with individual measurements after a few seconds.


There are many optional extras available for your specific applications.

Other accessories include e.g. Temperature sensors, dust protection, EX version, mechanical trusses, fiber optics u.v.m.


Typ Reflexion-Photometer Typ PVB-Moisture Meter
Name RMK 10/24 Name RMK-9T
Suitable for Solids Suitable for: PVB-Foil
Light source Application-specific Light source Tungsten lamp
Mass 8-10 kg Masse 8 kg
Dimensions 300 x 225 x 125 mm Dimensions 330 x 345 x 360 mm


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