Transmission Photometer

  • Transmission Photometer?

The Pier-Electronic transmission photometers are used in a wide range of applications, both in product analysis and in production processes. They are characterized in particular by:


  • Non-contact online measurement of the proportion of individual components in liquid or gaseous substances online moisture measurement in numerous substances
  • Determine the intensity of coloration in solution and color swatches and detect visible red, blue or yellowish tints
  • Measurement of residues of organic matter in water or other liquids in the ultraviolet range


The photometers from Pier-Electronic work without affecting the material to be measured. The measurement result is available in fractions of a second (with individual measurements after a few seconds).


This not only gives a quick indication of the measured quantities, but it can also act directly on the regulation of the production process in automated systems in order to react appropriately to the measured value.


Even in production-accompanying laboratories, this method of measurement is suitable for both random and series measurements. The process measuring technology from Pier-Electronic contributes to significant quality improvements in production processes as well as considerable savings in operating costs.

For your special applications, numerous optional additional components are available.

Other accessories include e.g. Temperature sensors, dust protection, EX version, mechanical trusses, fiber optics u.v.m.

In particular, we can also offer you a wide range of evaluation devices.



Typ Transmissions-Photometer Typ Brake fluid moisture meter
Name TMK 550 Name TMK 480 CT
Suitable for: Liquids and Gases Suitable for: Brake fluid
Light source Application-specific Light source Tungsten Lamp
Masse 10 – 45 kg Mass 10 kg
Dimensions 550 x 200 x 160 mm Dimensions 480 x 200 x 160 mm


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