Infrarot Pyrometer KTRD 1475 with Optical Fiber

  • Universal Pyrometer with Fibre-Optic


Temperature range 250 ° C to 2500 ° C


Infrared transducers and evaluation electronics in one housing

Optical fiber with intent optics

Light beam aiming device

Emissivity adjustable on the device

serial interface

1 switching output (open collector)

Software IR-LOG






Additional functions can be parameterized via the serial interface:

  • Analog output: 0 – 20/4 – 20 mA switching
  • Zoom range within the measuring range
  • Emissivity: 100.00 – 10.00%
  • Averaging arithmetic or gliding
  • Maximum value memory: memory types and erasing functions e.g. automatically with new part


Application areas:

Steel, iron, non-ferrous metal, coating, wires, hardening, brazing, annealing, induction heating, forging, preheating, rolling, etc.

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